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  • What is Yeetum?

    Yeetum is a hybrid cloud & investment cyber agency.

  • What value do I get from being in the Atlantis Club by Yeetum Investment Group?

    You get trusted advisors & partners dedicated to enable your financial, investment, cloud, and business challenges. You get daily signals reports on 700+ stocks and 18+ crypto-currencies. Exclusive chats and channels nested in the Synergy community. Access to Yeetum Investment Group exclusive ventures, deals, funds, and partnerships.

  • How is the signals intelligence delivered?

    You can access reports daily in #crypto-signals-reports and #stock-signals-reports in the Atlantis Club exclusive section in Synergy or on demand with ATLAS. Type command '?atlas help' in Synergy for specific report commands. You will receive them via the email you checked out with, as well.

  • How do I schedule an advisory session?

    Simply engage your Yeetum contact or email [email protected] with situational information so we can best prepare information to tailor your advise & strategy.

  • What is ATLAS?

    Yeetum ATLAS is Cloud Intelligence SaaS Platform & Network currently being developed for web and mobile. Today you're able to use ?atlas help within Synergy to use available integrations.

  • Why is your company named Yeetum?

    Because we yeet where man has not yeeted before. Its also a play on words with quantum - yeet em /=/ yeetum, to indicate quantum leap productivity.

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